Mindful sex for Youthful relationship:- Catherine sex life.

Story With Sex Education

Series: 01

They married few years ago.

Before they got married they were very good Mindful lover to each other for three months.

When they felt much more attraction to each other they got married.  Now two years passed and they are separated.

I’m talking about john and Catherine.They are very good looking people. John is 33 years old now, height 182 cm and handsome.

Catherine is 30 now, height 170 cm and a very beautiful lady with good figure.They got married in August 10,2017 and in June 5,2019 they separated themselves from each other.

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She have an 8 months child now. This is Catherine second marriage and second separation.

In first marriage she married a very rich man named Abraham.This marriage last long for 3 years and 5 months. When she got separation of first marriage then she was 26.

In October,2017,Catherine found a Facebook account “a sex and relationships coach“, who can fix your most important life problem.

So discuss your relationship and sex problem with him. Hope everything will be fine”.

Then Catherine gave him a message that she need an appointment for her. The discussion with Dr Mon take to much time.

Because it’s not like other problem. In the second week of October she meet with this man.This man name is Mon Leo, the sex and relationship coach. He is 40 now, height 174 cm and don’t have muscle like her two husband.

They all from California,USA. They started talking.

Dr. Mon: Please take your sit.

Catherine: thanks.

Dr. Mon: So you are Catherine?

Catherine: Yes.

Dr. Mon: So tell me what is your problem? Problem with sex or relationship? Are you single, separated or single mum?

One thing always remember when you are talking with me you have to be very open minded with me. You have told me every single moment of your Life.

Catherine: I am a single mum of 8 month baby. I was married two time and so separated of two time.

But there was no long happiness for me in sex and relationship.The second marriage of mine was love marriage. I need to know where and what is the problem and what is the solution.

Dr. Mon: We will discuss about your relationship and sex will be in the discussion in many way. What do you think is the reason why you are not happy in relationship?

Catherine: I tried every time to be happy with both of my ex-husband but I don’t know why and how the relationship gone bad.

Dr. Mon: Marriage relationship is not like any other relationship human have. This is the only relationship human have to do sex with the Partner.

Without sex, this relationship become like ocean water it is not drinkable at all. How many time do you have sex when you in relationship in a week? How did you do the sex? Explain it please.

Catherine: It is really hard to explain but I will try my best. In first marriage we had sex once or twice in a week and have no feelings there.

In second marriage we had sex three or four times in a week and it had a feeling in the begging but it’s lost its feeling after three months.

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We always sex in bed. I’m lying in bed and my partner are at top of me. In the beginning sex started with kissing but few months later it’s became only penetration.

Dr. Mon: Did you have orgasm in sex?

Catherine: Sometimes.

Dr. Mon: Do you know about your sex organ? What is the name of this?

Catherine: Sure. It’s vagina.

Dr. Mon: You have a rich body. Anyone will like to have sex with you and me too. But having penetration is meant that you doing intimacy.

I found some of your relationship problem I will talk to you later. Let me do check up of you.

Catherine: ok.

Catherine gone in checkup bed and lied there.

Dr. Mon: You’re gorgeous. Your boobs looking bigger than any normal women have. But you’re saying you don’t found happiness in relationship.

Catherine: I told you that I’m single mum. I have a baby who is only 8 months and that’s the reason why my boobs looking bigger.

Dr. Mon: So you are breastfeeding now. How much milk you have in breast you think?

Catherine: I think it’s overloaded. Sometimes I pumped it out and throw them in basin.

Dr. Mon: Why? You can sell it.

Catherine: Who is going buy it? Why I need to sell?

Dr. Mon: You are wasting a very good drinking food. People like me can buy it from you.

Silence here.

Dr. Mon: Ok go and sit there.

Catherine: ok

Dr. Mon: You have no problems in your body. The problem is you need do intimacy with your partner not sexual intercourse.

You need to take part in intimacy as well as your partner. Talk with your partner about your sexual fantasy. And do sex like you want.

Most important thing is you need to know that clitoris is your sex organ not vagina. 65% women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm.

Like men orgasm women need orgasm to find the happiness in sex. To find happiness in sex you need to make intimacy.

You need oral sex as well as you give to your partner. Use you brain to have a mindful sex.

In marital relationship sex is the most important thing. If you can do mindful sex with your partner, your relationship will last long.

And you will find happiness in sex as well as in relationship also. But relationship need RESPECT, TRUST, RESPONSIBILITY and many kind of good manners also.

Catherine: so?

Dr. Mon: You heve to know about these things and practice in life. Your three hour time is finished now. I think you find some problem with solution.

If you want to know more you can come with appointment in any others day. There is 25% discount in second appointment meeting.

Catherine: Thanks for your time.

Dr. Mon: Not to mention, it’s my job. But you are most welcome. I hope to see you soon beautiful lady. God bless you and your child.

Catherine thought that some things remain unclear to her. So she took on appointment two days later in Sunday..