Catherine sex life.

Story With Sex Education

Series: 02 (Continue From Series 01)

Now this is 09:00 in the morning. Catherine preparing herself to go for the meeting with Dr Mon. She just wear a black tank top, tight blue jeans and also the underwear clothes.

But she is really looking hot and sexy with the black tank top clothes. I don’t know why she preparing herself so nicely for the meeting. Is she somehow liking the Dr. Mon?

Catherine took her parse, took her baby,go out from the house and lock the door before going.

Thenshe go to a Day baby caring center and give her baby to Nany of the center. 30 minutes later she entered in Dr. Mon office.

Catherine: May I come in?

Dr. Mon: Sure. Please Come in and take a sit.
Catherine: Thanks.

Dr. Mon:So it’s your second session with me. How is your health now and your baby too?

Catherine: Both are well. Thank you.. Basically in first meeting you said some problem and solution very shortly.I think i need a detailed answer.

Dr. Mon: You’re looking gorgeous today. So we can start from the last of the first session?

Catherine: You’re very handsome too.So you can start now.

Dr. Mon: You’re very loyal to relationship and you have the quality to select right person i think. Your problem is after starting the relationship.

You have less orgasm then your partner. I think you act like that you are satisfied in sex whe you are not.Your problem in relationship is lack of sexual gratification.

When you have lack of sexual gratification you can’t find happiness in relationship,you feels lack love and security. Then relationship gone bad day by day and one it’s broke up.

Catherine: So what is the solution?

Dr. Mon: The solution is mindful sex.You need mindful sex in relationship.

Catherine: How can i do that?

Dr. Mon: We can practice together if you agree.

Catherine: Sorry, What?

Dr. Mon: Just kidding, leave it.Here is some advice for you in this paper i prepared for you.
1.Reveal your sexual fantasy to your partner.

Suppose we are sex partner of each other and we doing sex almost everyday.But it’s not fulfilling our sexual desire.

Because we are doing sex in very casual way, women lying in bed, men in top etc.But you have some dream about sex that you’re are doing sex in different positions.

If you told this to me i will do as you want. That’s why you need to reveal your sexual fantasy to your partner.
( Catherine inner is enjoying his fearless talking and getting horny.)
Catherine: Your example is weird i think.

Dr. Mon: Women like weird things in sex as well. Second one is

2.Take part in sex as well as your partner.

You’re always taking less part in sex than your partner. Think that we are doing sex and i am lying as like dead body.What will be your feel?

But if both of us take part in sex, sometimes you in top, sometimes me.Some you kissing me and sometimes I’m kissing.
isn’t it better than first one?

(Both of them looking at themselves. Hormones taking control over them. Silence for one minute.Then Catherine broke the silence.)

Catherine: Sure. it’s better. Don’t mind i think practical is the best way of learning.

(Dr. Mon stood up and gone near the door and close it.Then came to Catherine.)

Dr. Mon:I think so, practical is the best way.

( Catherine living without sex almost one year, Because of her baby she can’t even fall in love or marry someone.And she need more time to get in relationship because of her baby. So she thinks that it’s better to do sex with men like Dr. Mon,who is a expert.)

Catherine: Start it..

( Dr. Mon kissed on Catherine back and Catherine stand up then with turn back.Both are kissng themselves and hugging very tightly.)

Dr. Mon: We need to use brain in sex and Start smartly.

Catherine: Then?

Dr. Mon: Then we need to use our mouths and lips. Kissng in lips,in nose,in ear,in shoulder,in arms.

(Catherine kissing in the neck,in chest.Dr. Mon giving space for her action.)

Dr. Mon: Then we will use our hands.(He taking off Catherine clothes and took her in checkup bed.Both of them taking of their clothes)

Catherine: I’m using hands.(she just grabbed his 7 inches penis.) It’s smaller than ex..

Dr. Mon: It’s not my penis it’s me who is going to make you happy. You have clitoris, G-spot. Which is around in 4 inches and less then.

You need clitoral stimulation for your orgasm and a massage in your G-spot by my penis.But it’s only simple sex.

(Note: Normally 35% women have an orgasm in sex and 65% women need clitoral stimulation. Clitoris is the sex organ of female,It also has an erection like men. It’s size very from women to women as well as men penis do.)

Catherine: What is the best?

Dr. Mon: Stimulate your whole body for an orgasm.

Catherine: Give me that, I’m very hungry for that.Come on..

(He grabbed her breast and started sucking. Milk is coming out from her breast.So he just stopped!)

Catherine: Don’t worry suck it hard and drink my milk.I have lots of milk in my breast. I Always dreamed that my lover will drink my breast milk and suck it.

( He smoothly sucking her boobs, Catherine giving her boobs to him one after another and jerking his penis.)

Dr. Mon: Now we will do oral. I’m going to give you an oral sex.Lay down on bed.

(He put his mouth her under, softly started kissing.  He is licking with tongue.Five minutes later he started sucking lightly harder.She started mourning lightly)

Catherine: More please.

(It’s almost 30 minutes gone in their ongoing bad bed practical)

Dr. Mon: Come down on floor..

(He sits on the floor and his penis looking toward the sky. She came down and sit on his penis between his legs.

Then he started rubbing her breast and she started doing ups and down, slow and fast,slow and fast. She placed her hand in his shoulder.He is sucking boobs.)

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Catherine: I’m little tired.

Dr. Mon: Come down. it’s going to be final round.

(Then she lay down on the table and they started doing.He bring her legs up and started kissing it. He is touching her belly softly.)

Catherine: it’s coming out..ummm umm.muaahhh.ummm..

Dr. Mon: Wait..I will be done in in one minutes.

( Then they goes to washing room and clean up. Dr. Cleaned her and she cleaned his.. After cleaning they wear clothes.)

Catherine: Thank you so much for such a beautiful session. I will read the whole paper to night.

Dr. Mon: You’re always most welcome.You have got a very sexy figure.

Catherine: I know about my figure.But you’re are really expert.I think you can make my orgasm without your penis.

Dr. Mon: You need to be active with your partner like today.Then he will found great of doing sex with you.

Catherine: I hope we will meet again very soon. Let me complete my practical session.

Dr. Mon: Don’t be hurry in sex and in relationship also.We will meet again in your house and i like to see your baby.

Catherine: it will be very nice day i hope.

Dr. Mon: i hope so..

Catherine: Good bye.See you soon.

Dr. Mon: Good bye, beautiful lady.

( Catherine thinking that if he became her husband it will be the best for her.Let him come to my house first.)