This is how scammers withdraw money from your bank account using your phone number and account number.

This is a new method scammers are adopting to defraud people from their bank account.

How scammer can withdraw your money with your phone number

These trickster only need your registered phone number and your bank account.They do not even need your BVN, PIN or ATM card.

Therefore, fraudsters are working tiredlessly to invent new tricks to scam people. Bookmark this page and always try to be reading Nairablink updates to get some of these secrets and be safe.

How To Track an iPhone or iPad with Find My iPhone and Family Sharing

The following are the details on how hackers can use your Account Number and Phone Number to Withdraw Money from your account.These are:

  • Firstly, these scammers will get your smartphones numbers from either social media or a family member.
  • Secondly, after getting the phone number, they will contact you.
  • The first question these scammers will ask you is, do you always receive alert with this number? They will continue to communicate with you as if they are bank officials, calling from your bank.
  • Thirdly, these hackers will disclosed to you that your ATM or account has been disfunction or blocked.
  • Fourthly, they will demand your bank account number, that is they ask you to call your account number to assist you unblock it on their laptops.
  • Therefore, after gotten your account number, they will give you 6 digits code to enter into your home. This is the code or PIN to unblock your ATM or unblock your bank account.
  • Consequently, they will also call you back instantly to demand for that code.


Fraudsters can scam you with your account number

If you give them any code either given to you by the caller or sent to your phone as authentication Code, YOUR MONEY IS GONE! But if you fail to do they they will abuse you and hand up.

  • The number to unblock your ATM or your bank account is going to be a 6 digits number. (OTP)
  • Lastly, after all these communication, you will just receive a debit alert on your smartphone after he has got the code to authenticate the transaction(That is if you eventually give them the code).
  • Some may also ask for your date of birth to assist their evil tack. Please if you can’t take charge of this just call any elite within your environment at that time.

Bank can never call you on phone for any BVN or Blocked account. 

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