First thing we should all do to creat a solid and attractive graphics design is to download and create an account on Canva via this link.


Click here to download CANVA

This is the tool we will be using for today’s class.


Good day everyone I hope we are ready to go on with this class?

Today we are training on Graphics Design.

We can call it Graphics Design Made Easy for individuals & businesses.

Anyone can do basic designs and it’s not that difficult. I’m not teaching Extensive Graphic design, don’t fret. Because that journey is a very long one lol.

I’m going to be teaching with A tool that can be used and maximized to achieve fancy graphic designs.

As we all know, before now everyone has swayed towards the digital market, e-commerce, Instagram stores etc. But with the recent and continuing Covid-19 pandemic we’ve all been forced to go digital or die of hunger.

And I mean literally for most businesses. Most businesses will shot down and start from the beginning, some have lost their customers for life.

Some businesses won’t even see the light of the day for the next one year , digital or no digital. But for us that are here, we will make our money online and come out fabulous .

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So Lets Get Down To Business.

Canva is what we are using for training today. There are quite a number of apps (free & paid) out there for graphic design.

How to create image on Canva

I have On my phone about 8 apps for graphic effects. (marked in the picture above)

  1. There’s phonto
  2. There’s disc for reshaping photos
  3. There’s flyer maker
  4. There’s logo maker and a few others.

See picture Incase you want to download , you can and tweak it, it’s free to try.

Graphics Design

I want to believe everyone here has downloaded and created an account on Canva via the link provided.

I hold the assumption that everyone here is a business person or intending one. Without wasting much of our time, this class is for you either you have a business or not.

Let’s call it Anybody can design

You never know when you’d need it. So let’s get down with it.

We could go shortcuts but I don’t want to be a bad teacher that gives out equations without giving you the basics to the formula to solve same equation.

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So we’d start with the ABC of design. As we all know Numbers and BODMAS makes up the basics of mathematics right?

Same goes for Graphics Design we also have basics and these are the things you need to know before jumping on any project or Design.

For every design you see out there, these things are always present:

  1. Space,
  2. Balance,
  3. Hiercahy,
  4. Line and shapes,
  5. Color,
  6. Typography,
  7. Texture and
  8. Branding

It could be more or less but those things I listed above are very essential to your design. Note that.

So how do we start your design?

After you must have decided on the name of your project and also have some inspiration on what to design.

You’ve checked and ticked communication, you’ve gotten inspiration. What next?

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Let’s talk theories.

I listed them above earlier, the key important factors in graphic design.

1. Proximity

You are to take elements that are related to each other and group them together. e.g title on it’s own space, Time and Location together.

2. Embrace Negative Space

The empty space around your elements helps the viewer to focus on them without distractions and give balance to your design.

So remember practice proximity and embrace the negative space. You’ll master the art of layout in no time.

3. Alignment

Work on your alignment before moving ahead to the next step.

All that dusted, now let’s talk fonts in your design.


How do you decide what font to use ?
This brings us back to what you aim to communicate.
Ask yourself, Does this complement the purpose of my design?

Remember, I talked about the mood and feel of your design? The fonts are great indicators. The main idea is to define your message in your design, and try to pick fonts that suits that message.

Basically, there are two main categories of font:

Serif (I don’t mean brother sherif lol ) Serif.
Typefaces with feet like that are called serif. You can see where I highlighted these little feet below: SerifCommon serif typefaces include Times New Roman, Georgia, and Garamond.

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If you’re reading a novel, you might notice the body text is a serif. That’s because a serif is much easier to read in long, printed works due to the distinctiveness between letters.

Sans Serif, in French, the word “sans” means “without.” So the term “sans serif” literally means “without serif.”

Serif fonts are said to be Stable, Practical and Mature. While sans Serif are – Neutral.

Let’s talk about colour

Graphics design

To end up with a very good design you need to master the basic color scheme.

How to design image with Canva

What it does is it helps you to visualize which color looks good with each other. Above all, make sure your color matches the message. Because colours have inherent meaning in them.

Canva tools for graphics design

For this stage of the class, I want us to learn from each other I will open comments. If you drop spam here. I will block you, not just that, I will make it a point of duty to advertise your number for vacancy, and Covid-19 palliative..

Please be warned, on a serious note we are not kids and lets not act like one, if you are not here to learn kindly exit in peace. Don’t spam us with your adverts.

Drop your comment or ask questions and I will be here to respond and give you more direction on your design.