In the morning Xbox began to notify its users of a price increase that their different subscription services will have.

Xbox Game Pass

The company defines it as an adjustment due to โ€œchanges in commercial conditionsโ€.

The company clarifies that these new prices will take effect from October 20, 2020. We have compiled all the memberships offered by the company and these are their new prices:

Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox Live Gold

  • A month goes from 149 pesos (#2,620) to 169 pesos (#2,970)
  • 12 months goes from 999 pesos (#7,822) to 1,159 pesos (#9,070)

Xbox Game Pass

  • A month goes from 139 pesos (#1,090) to 149 pesos (#2,620)
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • A month goes from 208.99 pesos (#1,650)
    to 229 pesos (#1,790)
  • 3 months goes from 625.99 pesos (#4,900) to 689 pesos (#12,108)

The only service that we did not find information about was Xbox Game Pass for PC, which currently has a price of 69.99 pesos (#550) per month.

We have already contacted Xbox Mexico directly to learn more details of the adjustment.