Dr. Halima

Nigerian Female Doctor Urgently in Need of a Man to Spend The Rest of...

A Nigerian female medical doctor has taken her search for a husband to her social media handle as she recently posted a picture of...
Who the cap fits

Who The Cap Fits Episode One

WHO THE CAP FIT About the book: This book ("Who The Cap Fits") tells the story of how the otherwise simple matter of choosing a bride...

Paralyzed Chapter One -a True Life Story by Omoyemen Osekhale

PARALYZED CHAPTER ONE EMILY POV My hair felt like they'll be torn apart from my body. Tears filled in my eyes and my visioned blurred. I begged...
Love beyond monarchy

Love Beyond Monarchy Episode 6

LOVE BEYOND MONARCHY CHAPTER 6 Continue from Episode 5 I'm smiling. I've never once in my life woken up with a smile on my face. I always...
Love beyond monarchy

Love Beyond Monarchy Episode 5

LOVE BEYOND MONARCHY EPISODE 5 Continue from Episode 4 It's almost midnight by the time we're walking back to the guest room door. Royce and Angie...
Love beyond monarchy

Love Beyond Monarcy Episode 4

LOVE BEYOND MONARCHY EPISODE 4 Continue from EPISODE 3 I close the door to my room behind me, pressing my hands to the wood. I shake my...
The Ankara style

Women Temptation: Sister Nora and Brother Michael

Avoiding Women Temptation “This is alarming oooo.... What am I going to do about this issue of sister Nora. She promised to change her lifestyle,...
Temporary Wife

True Life Story: Temporay Wife Episode 1

Hello readers, you are welcome to another fantastic online story written by your one and only girl Omoyen Osakhale. Temporary Wife Episode 1 Blair was putting...
Reveal it

Virgin And Masturbation; Masturbation is An Intellectual Fornication, Dangers & Prevention

Sexual urge for virgins is powerful. what makes it stronger is that the novelty, newness, the thriller and therefore the hear says approximately sex. What...
Sex education nairablink

Sex Education: Mindful Sex For Youthful Relationship. Series 2

Catherine sex life. Story With Sex Education Series: 02 (Continue From Series 01) Now this is 09:00 in the morning. Catherine preparing herself to go for the...
Sex education nairablink

Sex Education: Mindful Sex For Youthful Relationship

 Mindful sex for Youthful relationship:- Catherine sex life. Story With Sex Education Series: 01 They married few years ago. Before they got married they were very good Mindful...
Sex with me

18+: Have Sex With Me- Episode 1 to 3

HAVE SEX WITH ME CHAPTER 1/3 THIS STORY HAS A LOT OF SNUT, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Gabriel grew up in Italy with his parents,...
Reveal it

Reveal it Now Before it Ruin Your Marriage

REVEAL IT BEFORE IT RUIN YOU Scnario 1: It was on a wedding day, when suddenly, the presiding pastor asked, "if there is anybody in this...
Perfect relationship

She Dropped Out of The Car, Crossed The Road, Took a Bike And Went...

What's your take on this...Let's advice this guy positively...... Good day Nairablink, Pls post this for me. My fiancee told me last weekend that she was bored...
Lady packs out

I Curse The Day I Met Him- MFI Member Cry Out After Being Cheated

My Friends & I is one of the most entertaining and fastest growing group on Facebook. It's more likely for people to get engaged in...
MFI logo

Trending Issue On a Popular Page on Facebook Tagged My Friends And I (MFI)

Nairablink is here to update you on all the trending issues on Facebook groups. Facebook has become one of the best social media platform with...
Woman worried on unaccepted pregnancy

Stop Crying And Begging a Man to Accept His Baby; It Should Be The...

As an adult single lady, I want to agree with you that the moment you have decided to have an unprotected sex with a...
Nairablink pics

Here Are The Secret Ways To Love Your Partner

Many wives are frustrated and tired of their marriages because of how unromantic their husbands are. Their husbands are predictable, always doing one...
Omoye Arewa

Stop Keeping Plan B On Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram While Staying With The Real...

My ADVISE TO THE UNMARRIED SISTERS Dear daughters, I know you love to explore. You love to try things....

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