Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Reveal it

Reveal it Now Before it Ruin Your Marriage

REVEAL IT BEFORE IT RUIN YOU Scnario 1: It was on a wedding day, when suddenly, the presiding pastor asked, "if there is anybody in this...
What I Learnt from My Prarents

What I Learnt From My Parents Episode 3

GOING NOVA Brie's Sweet Medication (Continue from episode 2) Brie came to life. Where was she? She felt like she was in her bed, naked as before,...
The storm

The Storm: Story of a 16 Years Old Boy And His Step Mother

Ben is a 16 year old boy who lives in a very busy city full of all kinds of people he lives with 6...
Stella Damasus

Nollywood Actress Stella Damasus Reveals Why She Changed Her Surname From Ojukwu To Damasus

Did you know that Nollywood screen goddess, Stella Damasus is Igbo? Truth be told, I did not know that either until she participated in...
Sex with me

18+: Have Sex With Me- Episode 4 to 5

Make sure you are above 18yrs before you Read this story. Continue from Episode 5 After leaving his mother and Mitch he went to his office...
The armed robber by

The Armed Robber Episode 4- True Life Story

Continuation from The Armed Robber Episode 3 Husband(Mr Ojo): You are right. Since she didn't succeed in doing it herself, she may decide sending hired...
The armed robber by

True Life Story: The Armed Robber Episode 11

The true life Story Continues From Episode 10   Young Man: Eri, what is the problem? Eri: Thompson, where did you get this file from Young Man (Thompson):...
The effect of parental curse

Her Children Deserve Her Blessings Rather Than a Curse

"You are such an unfortunate boy! Idiot! Useless child. I'm not sure if you can ever do things right in your life.   Look at Ebuka....
Ghanaian Slay Queen

I Am Too Lazy To Work! So, I Sell My Body To Earn a...

People do inquire from me why i'm going into slaying and that I had to open up to them that there's no other reason...
Sleep with me

Sleep With Me Episode One

This is an addictive story, it will get to a to Tim that you can't afford to demand for more. Calm down and feel at...

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