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You are welcome to Nairablink Story Segment. These stories are true life stories that you read and learn from. We have piled up some novels from chapter to chapters, episode by episodes etc. Happy Reading

Each Other

Each Other Chapter Two and Three – A True Life Story By Omoyemen Osekhale

Each Other Chapter Two and Three Continue from Chapter One "Wake up." "No." When I mumbled the word through my exhaustion, curling further into my pillow, someone...
Each Other

Each Other Chapter One – A True Life Story By Omoyemen Osekhale

EACH OTHER INTRODUCTION Daniela O'Brien. Dani is the girl you would say has absolutely no luck going for her at all. Two dead parents, an estranged sister...
High blood pressure story

True Life Story: One Year After The High Blood Pressure – Olugbenga Adekunte Akapo

The High Blood Pressure Story Story by Olugbenga Adekunte Akapo On the 17th of October 2019, I decided to quit my paid employment for Life threatening...
Can a Christian marry more than one wife

Does Christianity Forbids Marrying More Than One Wife?

There are thousands of responses waiting for this all time question "Does the Christian Forbids Marrying More than One Wife? " Here Are The Frequently...

Don’t Give Her Money If You Really Love Her -Tochi

Money and Love in Relationships Some men believe that providing a lady with all her needs would be a guarantee to marry her. Read: True Life Story:...
Social media destroyed my life

Kindly Share These With Your Wards – “My Life in Social Media Streets” ...

Kindly share this story with your children, friends and family, This is a True Life Story My Life in Social Media Streets My name is sister...
Ngozi Okonjo Iweala

Coincidence That Changed Her Life- Train Your Female Children

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is a Nigerian-American economist and international development expert. She sits on the boards of Standard Chartered Bank, #Twitter, Global Alliance for #Vaccines...

Paralyzed Chapter Two -a True Life Story by Omoyemen Osekhale

PARALYZED CHAPTER 2 Continue from Episode One Tears rolled down my cheek. But I couldn't make a sound. Was I dreaming about sleep paralysis? I could feel the...
Dr. Halima

Nigerian Female Doctor Urgently in Need of a Man to Spend The Rest of...

A Nigerian female medical doctor has taken her search for a husband to her social media handle as she recently posted a picture of...
There is tomorrow

We Say Tomorrow is Another Day Because There is Tomorrow

My name is KOFI AMOAH, I own a company, none of my staff knew me as the owner except the Manager and the Secretary....