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AI Mining: How To Activate Free Robot on AI Mining System and Earn #37,000 Monthly

AI Mining activation of free robot

How To Get Started With AI Mining

AI Mining Table

Now check the image above and see the requirement for salary on AI Mining…. Please some people are asking me if it’s a must to deposit, Please this is a totally free update it’s not a must you deposit but before you can withdraw from it you’ll have to work very hard and build your team…

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You earn 13% from level, 6.5% level 2 and 3.25% level 3 of your team daily income, that’s why it’s necessary you tell your people to purchase to free miner and they can also withdraw $4 for free after 20days without doing anything or building their team….

So if you can build your team well and it can generate $5 for you daily then you can also withdraw daily for free and you’ll also be qualified for #37,000 Salary every month… If your team can give you $12 daily from their free mining then your salary will be #55,000 monthly and so on according to the image above.


Many people are telling me they are not receiving verification code (don’t add the first zero of your number) please message this number on whatsapp if you’re not receiving verification code, You can also make more enquiry about the company from her, she’s an agent/customer care service of the company and she’s also the person that’ll apply salary for you  +2349077313766.

Join their official telegram group here

If you know you will register and you won’t activate your free mining machine please don’t bother to register, Register now and activate your free mining machine. It’s free and you are going to make more money on AI Mining if you can refer. Watch the video below to know how to activate

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AI Mining activation of free robot

AI Mining System

Activating AI Mining

Investment Form

Miner 0
Miner price: ₦ 0.00
Activation fee: ₦ 0.00
20 days income: ₦ 1660.00 to ₦ 2080.00

Miner No. 1
Miner Price: ₦ 415.00
Activation fee: ₦ 8300.00
20 Day Income: ₦ 2240.00 to ₦ 2820.00

Miner No. 2
Miner price: ₦ 830.00
Activation fee: ₦ 27805.00
20 days income: ₦ 7800.00 to ₦ 9720.00

Miner No. 3
Miner price: ₦ 7055.00
Activation fee: ₦ 138195.00
20 days income: ₦ 41840.00 to ₦ 52200.00

Miner No. 4
Miner price: ₦27805.00
Activation fee: ₦ 553610.00
20 days income: ₦ 184500.00 to ₦ 230660.00

Miner No. 5
Miner price: ₦138195.00
Activation fee: ₦2768050.00
20 days income: ₦ 1054520.00 to ₦ 1318040.00

The activation fee will be returned to your wallet after 20 days.


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