We are happy to announce that Agricoin which was formally coded as AGN now coded as AGX with new Contract Address have been listed on pancakesswap and more liquidity have been added to the pool for AGX on pancakesswap, which make AGX now 100% liquid in the decentralized exchanges like pancakesswap




The Action That Demands For Your Attention!

Dear Community Members

You can now start trading AGX on pancakesswap. Trading simply means buying and selling.

You Can Now Trade AGX on Pancakesswap Both in V1 and V2


This is the best time for you to start accumulating more AGX by placing Buy Order as the price of the AGX now $8.3, which will start pumping any moment from now.

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AGX is on binance Smart Chain network with a total supply of 200,000,000 AGX, and the market price of AGX is $8.3

Placing Buy Order will give you opportunity to have AGX at lower price

This AGX is stronger and have all potentials to boom. Because 16 operational models were built round this AGX of which only AGX remain the only transactional currency to participate in these life changing operational models

AGX on Pancakesswap


This ensures that we are able to grow as a community and no one dumps on another person

You Can Verify AGX Contract Here

AGX Contract Token

Link To PooCoin

Link to Poolcoin To See Live Trading

As people will start buying , the price will start to increase rapidly

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These tokens are 100 % liquid and you can sell them anytime you want

You can simply go to: Exchange Pancake Swap, connect your trustwallet or any other Binance Smart Chain Wallet, have some BNB (Smart Chain) ready and buy AGX tokens by entering AGX token smart contract address.

  • Contract Address: 0xa2d78cB5CC4E8931dC695a24df73cb751c0aeb07
  • Network: Smart Chain
  • Name: Agricoin.
  • Symbol: AGX.
  • Decimal: 18.

Soon you will see AGX tokens inside metamask , on coinmarketcap , coingecko and other Decentralized and Centralized Exchanges.

Very soon, it will only cost you 1 or 2 AGX to buy land, build house and even get car. Start buying more AGX and store it in your trust wallet will do you more good than harm.


Everyone will be talking about it.
Get ready for it. And don’t forget to get as many AGX tokens as you can asap on Pancakeswap


Click the link here

After clicking the link; Click on the  3 straight lines at your top right hand side.

Scroll down and click on Get started
Then put the following information:

  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Phone number
  • Country
  • Select ur package
  • Then sign up


After signing up log in with your new created Username and Password, Insert  Nairablink in the validator Username box, search and click on use Nairablink as validator that’s all.

Then make your payment  for Account Validation

ACC.NO.; 5693076182

Drop your Username and Proof of payment (POP) to me on whatsapp 07037477278 for validation.