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18+ Video: Watch The Full Video of Tiwa Savage $ex Tape

Tiwa savage sex video
Sex video

In the last couple of hours, Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has been a hot topic on social media. A s*x video with a woman that has a striking resemblance with the singer has been making rounds on social media, suggesting that it is Tiwa Savage s*x video the singer spoke about a few days ago.


Hot News:

During an interview on an American radio station, Savage had revealed that someone got hold of her s*x video and was blackmailing her with it. Shortly after her announcement, a fake video was shared on different social media platforms tagged Tiwa Savage S*x Video.

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The popular Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage s*x Scandal video went viral and may lose some endorsements and her public image damaged as she battles a scandal which has sparked up controversy on social media.

Nigerians react:

She is very daft to have released it. she should have simply dared the gistlover and threaten them with a Law suit and an official letter from her Lawyer to them and the public to whosover tries it.

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Do you know you can’t upload anything s*xual on Youtube? Other pay per click platforms also have rules on some things you can’t use for clicks, eg. violence, false news, abusing people’s emotions etc. She should have simply flagged their account which will be deleted if they had released it.

I learnt the gistlover account was deleted after the video, let Tonto go and save them.

Her case is not as straight forward! You can only blame for allowing that fake lover of hers to have shot the video in the first place!

The first thing that happened was that the fake boyfriend already had uploaded the video on the internet (problem no 1) and someone miraculously instantly copied it.(coincidence).

That person had not uploaded the video but called Tiwa for financial claims according to her #50,000,000 that was when she went on air and called in the cops on the guy. At that time no one has seen the video anywhere.

Weeks after the saga “lost steam” blogers laid hands on the tape…(how did the blogger get it…another person has it and sent it to him or the bloggers search on the net and found the copy. That is where Tiwa trouble started.

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Immediately the blogger released the tape on twitter. I think she reported it. twitter removed it but it was too late other person’s had copied the video. She decided to come out open about the tape.

So no matter how she wanted to manage the s*x tape it was not going to work because any thing s*x tape of a celebrity when it hits the net forget. It gets copied and copied and shared to the point it is useless..

She can still sue her fake lover and the bloggers for defamation and other stuff sa. But the lesson I hope she has learnt.

Never trust a video tape wether s*x or nude because the end result is always bad.

According to

My thoughts out loud!

To all those hypocrites saying that “I am known to be a responsible woman and I ought not to promote the Tiwa matter on my wall and that nobody is a saint”.
You obviously don’t understand the narrative or are too dense to comprehend the gravity of what happened to her.

Yes, we agree to the fact that it was s*x between two consenting adults and it’s her life and nobody is crucifying her for that.

No one is a saint and I am very sure that many of us even do worse things in the closet.

However, we are not superstars and public figures. Tiwa has so many young people looking up to her and is a role model for many. She is a megastar and ought not to have been caught with her pants down in any angle or way.

I don’t think she really knows how influential she is or the effect she has on people, especially young ones.

For me, the angle of the camera was just too close that one wonders if she was highly intoxicated on some substance and didn’t notice it or it was a mutual understanding for their later viewing.

Yes, she claimed that “someone was blackmailing her” if this is true, then the person or persons should be prosecuted immediately.

I was actually feeling sorry and rooting for her until I watched the trending video of how she was bragging about how good the s*x was on stage!

Simply unbelievable and horrible!

Especially on a LASG platform? That was simply awful.
I cannot stand with rubbish, so all of you standing with her, please continue. I hope your daughters will grow up to be queens like Tiwa.

Now ladies wey get sense for brain,please NO MATTER THE LOVE you have for a man, never, ever take pictures of your nude selves in the name of love! Do not make videos either as it will only lead to misery.

Do not make yourself vulnerable or be caught in uncompromising positions where you have to be Shalayeing to the whole world.

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I am not a saint and this is how I deal with guys that tell me to send them nudes. I tell them I don’t do such and tag them as OLORIBURUKU in my contacts list.

So my ladies please be wise and be very careful with the kind of men you have around you. This has definitely taught each and everyone of us to be more guarded.

From mama Charlie’s kingdom

MJB of life
I saw this article on WhatsApp and it’s also making good sense.
Lagos in possible reality of loosing ”Centre of Excellence” Status.

…. Tiwa Savage rubbing pornographic escapade in public face in state sponsored show.

If the music and entertainment industry has lost its moral compass, the listening audience hasn’t. This was the conclusion by a group of industry stakeholders.

When the video of Tiwa Savage performance at the just concluded Eko on Show put together by Lagos State Ministry of Culture and Tourism surfaced online to say the least it was a ridicule to the Centre of Excellence.

The video showed fearless and sultry Tiwa Savage singing carelessly about her recent sexual escapades in her leaked Sex scandal online right in front of Top Government Functionaries.
Hear her at the event she sang:
“ó f’okó yẹn ṣe mí léṣe” ( He used the penis to wound me).
Now the reality of today shows that Tiwa Savage is a role model to many Nigerian girl child who crave to be another Tiwa in the future but then her actions should begin to be serious worry for every mother who crave a decent lifestyle for their female child.

There is no doubt that our Nation is gradually losing its moral grip on which it’s foundation was rooted but must we make it get worse.

One should begin to worry and ask questions like – Did the Lagos State Tourism ministry even know Tiwa had an ongoing s*x scandal online before bringing her on their bill.

Do the organisers care to know if such public performance will have a negative or public effect on the viewers.

Just days back in Port Harcourt an electronic public display board was involved in causing public obscenity, what’s the difference with Tiwa actions by furthering robbing insult on injury?

Why will you ban songs on airways yet allow it to be recklessly played at an open air event where the youth population converge.

One should worry!
Deji Adeyanju speaks on Tiwa savage sex tape
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